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SERIES DESCRIPTION ANCESTORS is a television series about genealogy and family history. Powerful stories of people whose lives have been changed through family history research are followed by experts who give practical instruction on how viewers can begin searching for their own roots.
EPISODE TITLES 101 Getting Started
102 Look at Home
103 Gathering Family Stories
104 The Paper Trail
105 Libraries and Archives
106 Census and Military Records
107 African American Research
108 Your Medical Heritage
109 High-Tech Help
110 Leaving a Legacy
OUTREACH ANCESTORS offers opportunities for local PBS stations, genealogical societies and Kodak Image Magic dealers to form partnerships and sponsor family history events in their communities.
HOME VIDEO The ANCESTORS series is available on videocassette.
COMPANION BOOK Houghton Mifflin Company has published a companion book to the ANCESTORS series.
TEACHER'S GUIDE A Teacher's Guide for grades 7-12 is available to schools through local PBS member stations.
VIEWER'S GUIDE A Viewer's Guide that parallels the series, and includes tips for starting a family history is available in limited numbers to viewers.