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Opening Sequence

Many of you have inquired about the music and graphics used in the Ancestors series, especially in the opening sequence. The graphics were provided by 4:2:2 Videographic Design of Bristol, England. The theme music for Ancestors was composed by David Lowe. Mr. Lowe's CD, entitled Dreamcatcher, has been released in Britain.

Students from Brigham Young University's Music Composition program created the music for all documentary segments except Hannibal Lokumbe, episode 10.


For those of you who are interested, the Ancestors opening sequence is now available in the QuickTime video format. If you have a QuickTime viewer, you can download the file below to play the opening sequence on your computer. If you don't have a QuickTime viewer, it is available at

Please note: This file is large (1.8 meg) and will take some time to download. Keep this in mind if you choose to view this movie.


Ancestors Movie

Ancestors Opening Sequence
(QuickTime format, 1.8 meg)


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