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ANCESTORS: A Beginner’s Guide to Family History

Ancestors Book CoverAuthors, Jim and Terry Willard with Jane Wilson

Description: The companion book to the series provides additional information about family history research not included in the television programs and an extensive resource directory 250 pages, soft cover.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company

Price: $19.95 (includes shipping and handling)

To Order: Call 1-800-453-3876 or visit


ANCESTORS Video Cassettes

Description: The Ancestors television series is available as a 2-tape set through PBS Home Video by calling 1-800-828-4PBS.

Price: $19.95 each for individual episodes, $59.95 for entire series on 2-videocassettes.

To Order: Call 1-800-453-3876 or visit

Many of the experts who appear in ANCESTORS have written books sharing their expertise. Likewise, many of the family historians who appear in the ANCESTORS mini-documentaries have written entertaining and touching books about their family story, and the changes that came into their own lives as they searched for their family history. For viewers who want to learn more from, or more about, the experts and family historians who were featured in ANCESTORS, the following information is included.

Most of these items are available through bookstores and other media retailers nationwide, however, publishing information is included for your convenience.


Beginner’s Guide to Family History Research

Author, Desmond Walls Allen
Publisher: Arkansas Research
PO Box 303
Conway, AR 72033-0303
Retail Price: $6.95

How to Tape Instant Oral Biographies

Author: Bill Zimmerman
Publisher: Guarionex Press
201-West 77 St. Suite 6AA
New York, NY 10024
Retail Price: $10.50 (includes postage)

Finding Italian Roots: The Complete Guide for Americans

Author, John Philip Colletta, Ph.D.
Description: 130 pages
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Company
1001 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Retail Price: $11.95

They Came in Ships: A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor’s Arrival Record

Author, John Philip Colletta, Ph.D
Publisher: Ancestry, Inc.
P.O. Box 476
Salt Lake City, UT 84110
Tel: (800)531-1790
Retail Price: $9.95

Bringing Family History to Life

by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

Description: Nine taped lectures. Corresponding handouts to each lecture may be ordered for $5 per lecture postpaid from Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS, PO Box 338, Simla, CO 80835.

The Immigrant Experience: From Steerage to Ellis Island
Italian-American Character: Understanding Our Ancestors for Better Research Success
Love Letters, Diaries, and Autobiographies: Let’s Leave’em Somethin’ to Talk About
The Silent Woman: Bringing a Name to Life
Building Character: Writing Your Ancestor’s Story
Flesh on the Bones: Placing Your New England Ancestor into Historical Perspective
Beyond the Bones: Putting Your Colonial Virginia Ancestors into Historical Perspective
Flesh on the Bones: Putting Your Ancestor into Historical Perspective
Interpreting Tombstone Art and Symbols in America

Retail Price: Each tape is $7.50 plus $2 shipping for the first tape; $.75 for each additional tape up to $8.
Ordering Information: Repeat Performance
2911 Crabapple Lane
Hobart, IN 46342

Your Roots: Total Genealogy Planning on Your Computer

Author, Richard W. Eastman
Publisher/Distributor: Ziff-Davis Press
Retail Price: $24.95 

 How Healthy Is Your Family Tree?

Author, Carol Krause
Publisher: Fireside Books, a division of Simon & Schuster
Retail Price: $12.00

A Day Away From Finding Your Family: The Ten Step Guide to Retrieving Your Family’s Ellis Island or Other Port of Entry Documents

Author, Rafael Guber
Description: The Family History Recovery Kit is an integrated ten step program to finding your family’s Ellis Island or other port of entry documents. The package includes video cassette (40 minutes), audio cassette (60 minutes), booklet (60 pages), and sample documents (10).
Contact: Rafael Guber
144-27 72nd Road
Flushing, NY 11367
Retail Price: $39.95

Ancestry Magazine

Publisher, Ancestry, Inc.
Description: Ancestry magazine is filled with interesting facts and tips to help you discover you family history. Bi-monthly. 40+ pages.
Contact: Magazine Subscription Department
P.O. Box 476
Salt Lake City, UT 84110
Tel: (800) 531-1790
Fax: (801) 375-2228
Retail Price: $21.00 per year.



Skookum: An Oregon Pioneer Family’s History & Lore

Author, Shannon Applegate
Description: An award winning critically acclaimed narrative family history with family tree, photographs, maps, and an extensive annotated bibliography. The subject is six generations of the westering Applegate family.
Publisher: William Morrow, Publishers Inc., NYC/ Ingrams
Skookum also available on audio cassette.
Leo Productions
P.O. Box 1333
Portland, OR 99207
Tel: (503)497-9163

Legacy: The Story of Talula Bottoms and Her Quilts

Author, Nancilu B. Burdick
Description: A Southern Civil War family history tracing five generations through the legacy of more than 100 quilts made by the author’s grandmother. 176 pages, color-illustrated, vintage photographs with index.
Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press
Retail Price: $18.95 

Family Ties: Old Quilt Patterns from New Cloth

Author, Nancilu B. Burdick
Description: Continues the story of Legacy to the present generation, through interviews with descendants. A detailed history of the quilts, with photographs, color- illustrations and of 38 quilt patters.128 pages, soft cover
Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press
Retail Price: $19.95

Rain of Gold

Author, Victor Villaseņor
Description: Victor Villaseņor weaves the parallel stories of two families and two countries and the timeless romance between his would-be father and mother. 562 pages, soft cover. Also available in Spanish, Lluvia de Oro.
Publisher: Dell Publishing
Retail Price: $12.95

Wild Steps of Heaven

Author, Victor Villaseņor
Description: A portrait of Victor Villaseņor’s father’s family, who, in their courage and love of life, represent the passionate history of Mexico.
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Retail Price: $19.95

Wild Steps of Heaven is also available on audio cassette

Contact: Brilliance Corporation
Sales Dept.
PO Box 887
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Tel: (800) 222-3225
Retail Price: $16.95

The John and Betty Stories

Description: This children’s book describes frontier life as experienced by John and Betty More, who settled Delaware County, NY in 1772.
Publisher: The John More Association, Inc.
9831 Sidehill Rd.
North East, PA 16428
Retail Price: $20.00

African Portraits

Artist, Hannibal Lokumbe
Description: A 55-minute musical performance. Trumpeter Hannibal Lokumbe’s opera explores the evolution of African American culture. Includes booklet with the libretto.
Publisher: Hannibal Lokumbe Music
Label: Teledec Records, recording #98802
Distributor: Atlantic Classics
Retail Price: audio cassette $ 10.98, compact disc $ 16.98

Genetic Connections- A Guide to Documenting Your Individual and Family Health History

Description: Assists the reader in keeping an ongoing health history record and developing a family health pedigree.
Publisher: Sonters Publishing
P.O. Box 109
Washington, MO 63090
Tel: 1-800-206-5450, Fax: 314-239-9937
Retail Price: $34.95 (when ANCESTORS series is mentioned receive discount price of $15.00 plus shipping or order a case of 13 for $10 each plus shipping).

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