Ancestors Tree


Students will:

Access information on the Internet using the ANCESTOR’S homepage.





Episode Overview

This episode will take us inside a prison to meet hardened criminals who do genealogy. Part one introduces prison inmates from a United States prison. Inside the walls of the prison, these inmates do their own genealogy with the help of computers and microfiche. Their stories will surprise you. In part two, expert Richard Eastman, will show you how you can find family history easier and more fun than ever with some high tech help.

Before Viewing the Episode

  • Decide whether you will have your students participate in the activity after viewing this episode.

note: The activity for this episode requires access to the Internet and someone (yourself or a student) with the ability to browse through it.

  • If you are going to have your students participate in the activity, then:
    -- Arrange for access to at least one computer linked to the Internet.
    -- Duplicate the student handout on the next page.
    -- Read aloud the EPISODE OVERVIEW and applicable OBJECTIVES.
    -- Briefly review the VOCABULARY words with your students after viewing the episode

Use the Ancestors’ homepage on the Internet

Explain to the students that:

  • They will be accessing the ANCESTOR’S homepage on the Internet.
  • They will follow a simple program that will show them the frequency of where their surname is found in the United States.
  • The ANCESTOR’S homepage address is
  • Any information on the ANCESTOR’S homepage may be downloaded.

Encourage the students to connect with other activities on the ANCESTOR’S homepage.

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