Ancestors Tree


Students will:

Create a legacy for their family.



Legacy: something given by or received from an ancestor.

Heirloom: something of special value handed on from one generation to another.


Irish Ancestors





Episode Overview

This last episode tells the stories of three different legacies left by families in our country. The first story tells about the More Family. Since 1889, they have held a family reunion every five years. The most interesting fact is that they have preserved each reunion on film since 1915. The second story is about a humble and courageous woman named Talula Bottoms. She left an inspiring legacy in the many quilts she made for her family. The final story is about Jazz Musician Hannibal Lokumbe. He finds the lost grave of his slave ancestor and celebrates in the discovery with his family in a musical tribute of dance and African ritual at the ancestral grave.

Before Viewing the Episode

  • Duplicate the student handout on the next page, and the pedigree chart.
  • Read aloud the EPISODE OVERVIEW and OBJECTIVE.
  • Briefly review the VOCABULARY words with your students.

After Viewing the Episode

Create a legacy for your family

  • Distribute the student handout on the next page.
  • Encourage your students to do something to create a legacy for his or her family. The materials they will need will vary from student to student depending upon the legacy chosen. Suggest the following legacy activities:
  1. Collect and organize family photos, letters, papers, etc.
  2. Write down or record family stories.
  3. Collect and write down family recipes.
  4. Record special family celebrations and traditions.
  5. Keep a journal.
  6. Complete a four-generation pedigree chart.
  7. Research or create a family crest or shield.
  8. Hold a family reunion and gather family data at the reunion.
  9. If there is musical talent in the family, record a session of favorite music.
  10. If there is artistic talent in the family, create a family project that could be an heirloom.
  11. Interview and record all of your older family members.
  12. Make genealogy part of the first day celebration during Kwanzaa or any traditional holiday.
  13. Find the grave sites of ancestors and help maintain these sites.
  14. Create a time capsule of current memorabilia for future generations to view.
  15. Create a "photo pedigree" showing your ancestors.

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