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Technology is revolutionizing the search for roots on all fronts. From prisons to schools to libraries and homes, computers allow genealogists to discover, store, access, and share family history information with speed and convenience the average hobbyist wouldn’t have thought possible even a few years ago.



  • Review the information you already have on your pedigree chart to help you decide what new information to look for.
  • Use your computer to network with others who may be working on the same family line you’re working on.
  • Verify the information you find; information you find online may not always be correct.
  • Look for CIGs (Computer Interest Groups) sponsored by your local genealogical society that can help you decide what computer and software program will help you in your family history search.
  • Explore new photo imaging technology that allows you to make prints from prints, without a photo negative, then import your family photographs into your computer.
  • Use your computer to create digital scrapbooks of photos and documents that you can share through cyberspace.


Suggested Activities

Check out the Ancestors homepage for links to great sites in cyberspace and family history information.


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