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Older relatives can be very helpful in piecing together your family’s history. Often there is at least one person in a family who has assumed the role of family historian and may already have accumulated and organized a great deal of genealogical information. In Episode Three you’ll learn how to get reacquainted with family members through family history interviews.



  • Use your pedigree chart to help determine what you want to learn from your interview.
  • Prepare your questions in advance.
  • Check to make sure your recording equipment is working properly and that you have enough tape, batteries, and other accessories for the interview.
  • Give the person you are interviewing time to prepare for the interview, at least a week if possible.
  • Ask the person you are interviewing to start gathering family photographs, documents, letters, or any other items that will help them share their memories with you.
  • Bring someone with you to the interview to handle the camera or tape recorder so that you can keep your attention focused on the person you are interviewing.
  • Ask factual questions, such as, "What is your full name?" but also open-ended questions like "Can you tell me how and why your parents chose your name?"
  • Enter the information you gather in the interview on your pedigree chart, family group record, and research log.


Suggested Activities

Identify your oldest living relatives and decide which one you would like to interview first. Schedule a time for a personal visit. Look at the information you have recorded on your pedigree chart and make a list of questions to ask your relative that will help you fill in the blank spaces on your chart. When you have completed the interview, record the new family history information on your pedigree chart, family group record and research log.

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