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The following images and photos are available from Ancestors. These copyrighted materials may be used in print, broadcast, or online publications for the purpose of promoting Ancestors or assisting with family history research instruction, provided the materials are credited as follows:

Made available courtesy of ANCESTORS/KBYU 2001. All Rights Reserved. 

Photo captions are listed to the left. Click on the thumbnail version of the images on the right to see a larger version.

With millions of records housed in hundreds of libraries and archives nationwide, where does a family historian begin the search for roots? How will these records combine to create the story of a family's history? Meet people who are sorting through the stacks to find their remarkable ancestors. (Episode eight: Census Records)


Darius Gray in Library
high resolution print

Most people assume information about Grandma can be found on her birth or death certificate, but what about in a newspaper? Uncover the rest of the story as Ancestors meets the press. (Episode ten: Newspapers as Records)



Newspaper Photo
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How much money did your ancestor have in his pocket when he landed at Ellis Island? What language did he speak? Ancestors uncovers family stories behind the documents and records. (Episode twelve: Immigration Records)



Ellis Island Document Photo
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Every family has tall tales. How do you sort fact from fiction in those stories of cowboys, revolutionaries, horse thieves, and heroes? Join Ancestors as we explore how to find the truth in the tales. (Episode thirteen: Writing a Family History)


Three Amigos Photo
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One hundred years from now, will anyone know who you were? The answer to that question will probably depend on how well the records of your life are preserved and passed down. Join Ancestors for a look at how even simple events and memories, if recorded, can become treasures to future generations.


Picture of Artifacts
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Searching for records through archives and libraries, you may have overlooked the most fruitful genealogical tool- your own family members. Talk to older relatives or sift through what appears to be junk in Grandmas' closet, and you may uncover remarkable family history. When the search begins among family members, you're sure to find what genealogists have always known- the best stories start at home.


Tabletop Image
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The second series of Ancestors programs feature a new host. Scott Wilkinson is an avid amateur genealogist and has spent 24 years in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in over 70 films, television programs, and stage productions.


Scott Wilkinson
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The Ancestors montage displays the graphical look and feel of the series. This image is featured prominently on all Ancestors publicity and press material.

Ancestors Montage
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The Ancestors Style Guide provides you with all the color and style information for the Ancestors 2 series.

Ancestors Style Guide


All material made available courtesy of ANCESTORS/KBYU 2001. All Rights Reserved.