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General Cemetery Resources

Want to learn more about this valuable genealogical resource? Here are a few sites that will speed up your learning curve:

  • Cyndi's List links for cemeteries and funeral homes, mailing lists, societies, publications, and "how tos": http://www.CyndisList.com/cemetery.htm
  • Cemeteries - Not Just for Halloween Anymore: http://www.genealogy.com/64_cemetery.html
  • RootsWeb's guide to tracing family trees, vital records: death, tombstones and cemeteries by Julia M. Case, Myra Vanderpool Gormley & Rhonda McClure: http://www.rootsweb.com/~rwguide/lesson4.htm
  • Cemeteries -- Online and Offline Research Tips and Resources by Online Pioneers: http://www.genealogy.com/202/lesson9/lesson9_01.html
  • Cemetery Dos and Don'ts by the Connecticut Gravestone Network http://pages.cthome.net/hirsch/dodont.htm
  • Illya J. D'Addezio's Cemetery Junction links to cemetery sites, books and articles: http://daddezio.com/catalog/recndx16.html


    The information contained on this page comes from a variety of sources, but relies heavily on The Everything Family Tree Book by William G. Hartley (Adams Media, 1998) and Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide to Family History & Genealogy by Jim & Terry Willard with Jane Wilson (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1997).