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For general, online military resources, go to the General Online Resources extra.

To learn about ordering military records from the National Archives and Records Administration, go to the National Archives extra.

To find lineage societies and military historical organizations to help you "flesh out" your soldier's experience, go to the Military Historical Organizations extra.

If you're specifically interested in the Revolutionary War, go to the Revolutionary War extra.

If you're specifically interested in the Civil War, go to the Civil War extra.

If you think some of your ancestors may have registered for the World War I draft, go to the World War I extra.

If your ancestors served in conflicts other than the Revolutionary War, Civil War or World War I, go to the Other Wars extra.

If you want to share some of your exciting discoveries about the soliders in your family, go to the Sharing Information extra.

For help finding ancestors in military cemeteries, read Michael John Neill's Final Resting Place:

American World War II Orphans Network (AWON):