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To see when Ancestors is airing in your town, visit the TV schedule page.

For information on ordering the Ancestors videotapes and other products, visit the Ancestors Store.

An excellent starting point for any Internet-based genealogical research:

For sites with multiple, searchable databases, go to the Online Databases guide.

For access to and descriptions of search engines, go to the Search Engines guide.

For categorized lists of genealogical mailing lists, go to the Mailing Lists guide.

For help finding the best genealogical software for you, go to the Software guide.

To learn about CDs with genealogical information, go to the CDs guide.

For help finding distant relatives and "lost" people, go to the People-Finding Resources extra.

To explore your options for creating your own go to the Online Meeting Places extra for your extended family, Online Meeting Places extra.

To learn more about the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), go to the SSDI extra.

For Slovak or Rusyn roots:

Megan's In Search of Our Ancestors Site: