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To see when Ancestors is airing in your town, visit the TV schedule page.

For information on ordering the Ancestors videotapes and other products, visit the Ancestors Store.

To see if microfilmed copies of the records you are seeking are available through your local Family History Center: (select your state and look under vital records)

For a state-by-state overview of vital records resources (including the state, CD's, volunteer projects, etc.):

For the U.S. Government's guide Where to Write for Vital Records:

For information about availability and cost of state held vital records, print out order forms, and learn where to write to obtain copies:

To order state and some county and local vital records online or by phone or fax - or to find phone numbers for them:

For state-specific Internet resources:

To learn about medical genealogy and how it can save lives, go to the Medical Genealogy extra.

To find out what bilious fever, Bright's disease, canine madness and all those other peculiar causes of death really are, go to the Causes of Death extra.

To learn about naming patterns and how to use them to your advantage in your research, go to the Naming Traditions extra.

For Italian roots: